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The Practice has a patient participation group (PPG) which consists of both virtual and group meetings. The group meets approximately 5 times per year in January, March, May, August and November. All patients are welcome to join. Please see below for minutes of past meetings

All meetings are held with a member of practice staff present and all personal conversation is held with the utmost privacy, so the group feel free to talk in confidence.

We are looking to recruit new membership !!

Do you have a few hours to spare every now & then, either face to face or virtually?

We discuss all kinds of topics, from the audit, process and relevance of the patients survey, to constructive feedback, new services, setting up new clinics, listening and speaker sessions. All in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with no judgement.

If you wish to know more or speak to a member of our PPG, please contact us and we shall be happy to answer any questions.

Remember….. you can affect change in services, requirements and attitudes directly, but only if you let us know its needed.

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Patient Participation Group Meeting (PPG)

Date: 21.10.2021 Time: 10am

Venue: Probert Road Surgery Chair: AS

Attendees: Patient representatives (initials used)

Apologies: HA

Agenda items

1 Welcome Back – HH welcomed the assembled patients to the meeting, and thanked them for their attendance and support.

2 Covid pandemic and business as usual – HH told of the practice’s journey during the pandemic from its early days to present; how the practice had embraced new methods of working such as facetime, AccuRx and extended telephone triage, we believe we shall continue to use more technology to stay in touch with patients and many patients have favoured changes we have made. One of the benefits we have found is the greater uptake of EPS/Electronic prescriptions using nominated pharmacy. How the staff were affected by Covid and the effect on the Practice. The door is open for patients to walk in but we are still managing the amount and flow of patients, we still use telephone triage to manage demand and footfall into the building and use an entrance and separate exit.

A handout was given out and discussed, which highlights the work done by

The practice referencing the number of telephone appointments and face to face

carried out since May 2021(see table next page)

3 Looking ahead – We will continue to build on the positives that came out of embracing new ways of working such as enhanced technology. We will continue with using triage as it works well for us.

4 New Build – No new news as yet. Nothing to report.

5 Patient Survey – The group looked at the National Patient survey found at

looked at the scores and discussed the highs and lows. A copy of the practice’s master copy patient survey was given to the attendees, for their perusal, to look at both

surveys in the period between now and the next meeting in January 2022, to find ways

of modifying our survey so it aligns closer to the national survey.

6 Any other Business

· Ear Syringing is now a service, not offered by GP Practices, patients will utilise the services of one of the clinics, more information can be found at reception.

· Website – New website has retained the same domain

Future PPG Meetings in 2022, which commence at 10.00 am, are:

· Thursday 13th January 2022

· Thursday 10th March 2022

· Thursday 12th May 2022

· Thursday 8th September 2022

· Thursday 17th November 2022

Average DAILY Appointments either face to face or Telephone May – September 2021

Month Dr Mittal Telephone Triage Dr Mittal- face to face appointments Nurses telephone Triage Nurses face to face Average GP Appointments Average Nurse appointments

May 2021 64 telephone calls per day 11 face to face appointments per day 9 telephone triage calls per day 26 face to face appointments per day 75 patients contacts per day 35 patient contacts per day