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Friends & Family Results 2018 Friends & Family Results 2018

The practice completes a monthly survey called the NHS Friends & Family test which asked the question…

 How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they need similar care or treatment’

The results for 2019 were as follows;

Extremely Likely: 1602

Likely: 1062

Neither likely or unlikely: 261

Unlikely: 41

Extremely Unlikely: 48

Don’t know: 472

2019 Total: 3486

2020….the story so far….. at the end of March we were asked to switch off our self check in due to covid-19, which is where the data for this collection originates, as we have seen only limited patients in the practice. In October we were asked to resume, hence the low numbers of engagement. We have been asking patients using cards and have not resumed the self check in due to the risk of cross contamination & covid risk.

January – end October 2020

Extremely Likely: 428

Likely: 238

Neither likely or unlikely: 69

Unlikely: 7

Extremely Unlikely: 8

Don’t know: 107

Total: 857

The survey has been amended so if you have already attended in the past month, you shouldn’t be asked again until a month has lapsed between visits.

If you wish to read the comments written on the response cards, please contact us and we shall be happy to send you a copy of the full report. Email a request to